Dental Cleaning : Procedure in Detail

Dental Cleaning : Procedure in Detail

Dental Cleaning : Procedure in Detail

A dental cleaning or dental prophylaxis is a preventive measure that helps prevent cavities and gum disease. During the cleaning, the dental professional will remove plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth.

Most people should have their teeth cleaned once every six months. If you have certain dental problems, such as gum disease, you may need to see a dental professional more often.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleanings are sometimes also called deep cleanings. These procedures aren’t just for patients with dental issues. They can benefit everyone! Bacteria can build up in your mouth. Even patients who brush and floss regularly may benefit from a professional dental cleaning.

What Is Tartar and How Does It Form?

When bacteria build up in the mouth, it can cause plaque to form. Plaque is a sticky film on teeth that is made up of bacteria, mucus, food particles, and saliva. Although plaque is soft, it can still cause damage to teeth. When plaque is left on teeth, it can harden into tartar. Tartar is a very hard substance and can only be removed by a dental professional. The presence of tartar can irritate gums, cause discoloration, and lead to gum disease.

Why Is It Important to Have Your Teeth Cleaned?

While brushing and flossing at home are essential, it is still important to get a more comprehensive cleaning on a regular basis. This can help keep your teeth clean and healthy, as well as to prevent tooth decay.

During your cleaning, we will clean plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. We will also polish your teeth, removing stains and discoloration. This allows us to give you back the white, healthy smile you want.

How Often Should You Have Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned?

Most patients need a dental cleaning every six months. For some patients, more frequent cleaning sessions may be necessary. You should schedule your dental cleanings at the earliest to retain good dental health.

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