Why We Refer to Dental Specialists

Why We Refer to Dental Specialists

Why We Refer to Dental Specialists

Almost all dental procedures can be performed by a dentist, but some patients might need a dental specialist. Dental specialists are trained in particular fields of dentistry. They go through extra training for at least 3 years. 

The different types of dental specialists include orthodontists, prosthodontists, periodontists, pedodontists, oral pathologists, and endodontists. 

Orthodontists are dental surgeons. They remove teeth to perform surgical procedures. Prosthodontists are specialized in cosmetic restoration and the prosthetic replacement of teeth like crowns or bridges. Periodontists specialize in treating gum diseases like gingivitis. 

Pedodontists are dental specialists in children’s dentistry. Oral pathologists deal with signs of general diseases like lumps, bumps, etc. And endodontists deal with root canal treatments. 

Reasons for Being Referred to a Dental Specialist

In general, there are three reasons why patients are referred to a dental specialist. These include cases where the specialized eye of expertise is needed. 

The first reason is when the dentist sees something in your mouth, but he/she is not able to identify what the problem is. They’re unable to pinpoint the exact reason for the issue at hand. 

The second reason is, the dentist understands or identifies what the problem is, but he/she doesn’t feel that they are the right person to solve the issue, or they are not the best to perform a certain procedure. 

The third reason why patients are referred to a dental specialist is when the dentist is unsure as to what course of action is to be performed for the best result. For instance, if the dentist finds your tooth to be damaged and it is not worth the money or time to fix it, he/she will recommend you to a dental specialist for alternative treatment methods. 

Emergency Cases

In an ideal scenario, they should be able to refer a patient to a dental specialist upon seeing the patient. But, that is rarely the case. Sometimes, a procedure is already begun before they realize how complicated the issue is. 

This happens mostly with root canal treatments. When a patient visits the dentist due to extreme pain, they perform root canal treatment. Once the treatment is being done, they realize that either the root is calcified or in an abnormal shape. In these cases, a general dentist cannot perform the procedure properly, so they’re referred to a dental specialist. 

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