Accidents Causing Crack or Fracture in Teeth

Fracturing or crack in the teeth is common, especially if you have suffered an accident, injury, trauma, or fall. These events can be painful and lead to a lot of discomfort. Fracture in teeth is also accompanied by immense swelling and bleeding. It is essential to manage the condition quickly to reduce any further problems.

What are Fractured Teeth?

Fractured teeth, also known as cracked teeth syndrome, occur when a crack appears in your teeth. This crack can be small or harmless. In other instances, the crack may lead to pain and cause your teeth to break and split. Some of the common parts of your teeth that can chip or crack during accidents include the crown visible above your gums, the root lying underneath your gums, as well as the surface of your teeth.

Teeth fractures are common in children and older people. They are also common in athletes who engage in physical activities and fall prey to injuries. It is advised to get in touch with us to address the condition to find a suitable restorative option.

What are the Symptoms of Fractured Teeth?

Sometimes cracked teeth may lead to several symptoms. In other cases, they do not lead to any symptoms at all.
  • You may experience a lot of pain, especially while chewing.
  • Fractured teeth also lead to sensitivity to hot and cold foods and spicy foods.
  • Fractured teeth because of accidents and injuries lead to swelling and toothache.

How to Treat Fractured Teeth?

When you visit our clinic, we look at the condition of your teeth to check the gravity of damage.
  • Bonding
We use a composite resin to fill the site of the fracture and restore your teeth.
  • Cosmetic Contouring
Rough edge rounding and polishing can be performed to smooth out your broken teeth.
  • Dental Crown
Dental crowns are also a popular restorative option in case of chipped, broken, or fractured teeth. We use this treatment option when a dental veneer is unable to do the restoration.
  • Extraction
Sometimes, we perform a complete removal of your teeth to prevent damage to your root and nerves.
  • Dental Veneer
We use thin, wafer-like coverings made of porcelain to cover your front chipped or broken teeth. This procedure is performed when the condition of your natural teeth is not too bad.

How to Prevent Teeth Fracture?

  • Avoid chewing hard foods.
  • Always practice proper dental care and gum care.
  • Wear a mouthguard while indulging in sports or physical activities.

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