Common Dental Emergencies

Dental injuries can happen at any time. Most of them do not even come with a warning sign. An immediate action to tackle the problem is a must. When suffering from any dental emergency, we advise you to quickly visit our clinic and contact our dentist to address the condition.

In the meantime, you can take some measures yourself to get relief from the extreme pain and discomfort that you may experience. Here are some common dental emergencies and how to manage them.


Toothache is the most common dental emergency and can occur because of many reasons. When you experience extreme pain in your teeth, it is advised to quickly make an appointment with our dentist and address the condition. You can manage the pain by rinsing your mouth with warm water. If the ache in your teeth is because of the food lodging, use dental floss and remove it at once. We will find the cause of your concern and also give you a pain reliever.

Soft-Tissue Injuries

Soft-tissue injuries may be anything ranging from injuries in your cheek, tongue, neck, and more. If the injury is severe, visit us at once and let us find the cause of such an injury and prescribe you a suitable treatment. You can rinse your mouth using salt water and also use a cloth or gauze to apply pressure on the site of pain. In some situations, applying a cold compress also works.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Chipped or broken teeth are a dental emergency that may lead to bleeding, pain, and severe discomfort. We use various treatment options to address the condition and restore your teeth, like bonding, dental crown, fillings, and others. Before visiting our clinic, rinse your mouth and teeth properly, and if bleeding occurs, apply gauze to the wound.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Your tooth may be knocked out because of events such as accidents, injuries, disease, or any others. In such situations, it is advised to hold your tooth by the crown and rinse it in water. Do not scrub it or remove the attached fragments. If possible, try to insert the tooth into its socket. Visit our dental clinic at the earliest to find a suitable treatment.


A dental abscess is an infection occurring in and around your tooth root. It may lead to severe dental pain and also become dangerous if it spreads into your jawbone. Seek treatment for the problem as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of infection from spreading. You can manage toothache by using a cold compress.

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