Crown Fell Out

If you have chipped or cracked teeth, opting for dental crowns is a great idea to restore them. A dental crown caps and covers your damaged teeth. It is mainly designed to support weak and damaged teeth and is made using a variety of materials. If you maintain your dental crown, it may last for many years. But some events such as accidents and injuries make your crown loosen, and it starts falling out.

What to Do With a Loosened Crown?

If your crown has fallen out or you have swallowed it by accident, do not panic. Crowns are made using non-toxic dental-grade ceramic that doesn’t harm your health. If you haven’t swallowed the dental crown, pour hydrogen peroxide over it to sterilize it. Keep it in a small container, and then contact us to replace your crown with a newer one.

Falling of the dental crown shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is because when immediate action is not taken to replace the crown, your teeth will begin to deteriorate quickly. Furthermore, it increases your chances of losing your teeth. In the worst-case scenario, your teeth may crumble into pieces. Do not use glue to stick the crown yourself. Visit us as early as possible so that we may perform the restoration.

What Not to Do with a Lost Crown?

If you feel that the dental crown has fallen out, avoid swallowing it. Find it immediately and remove it from your mouth. Do not eat hard or sticky foods that demand a lot of chewing. Do not chew from the affected area of your mouth, and be gentle while brushing your teeth or cleaning your mouth.

How to Treat Teeth After a Fallen-Out Crown?

When you visit us with a fallen-out crown, we evaluate the site as well as the dental crown. After checking everything, we decide whether to reinstall the crown or place a new one. It is possible to use an existing crown if your teeth are fractured from underneath. But if the underneath of your teeth is broken, you may require a new crown.

We will prepare your teeth by filing and also adding some filling material to build them. After this, we will insert a temporary crown. In some cases, we may also offer same-day crowns and place them on the same day of the procedure. You are expected to take care of your new dental crowns in the same manner. 

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