Oral Surgery in Pleasanton CA

Oral surgeries include all the operative procedures to treat your teeth, jaw, and other facial structures. The cases such as accidents, injuries, trauma, tooth decay, and others often call for oral surgery to restore the function of your teeth, mouth, and your facial structure.

What are the Different Oral Surgeries?

Tooth Extraction

The events such as infection in your teeth, decay, wear-and-tear in your teeth suggest that you need extraction. We will administer a numbing agent to make the procedure painless. Your teeth are extracted, after which we clean up the socket and place a suture in the wound so that it heals quickly.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth are the additional molars that emerge improperly and then lead to crowding. In some cases, they do not emerge completely, leading to a lot of pain and discomfort. We perform oral surgery to remove your wisdom teeth. We will give you light sedation so that the surgery becomes painless. The wound would heal within a day or two.

Dental Implants

We use dental implants to restore your missing teeth and to improve their functionality. A dental implant is a screw made using titanium that we implant into your jawbone. Once healed completely, we may also use dental crowns to increase the functionality of your mouth. Dental implants are also required for a bone graft as they give enough support to the teeth. They are a permanent solution to your broken or missing teeth.


Some people have their tooth root hooked at the bottom, making it difficult for us to perform root canal treatment to remove the decay in their teeth. In this situation, we perform apicoectomy as an alternative. We remove the tip of the root and then fill the space using an inert material to restore the function of your teeth. Just like a root canal treatment, apicoectomy, too, cuts down the chances of re-infection of teeth.

Facial Reconstruction

Several incidents or trauma may break your facial bones, jaw or even knock out your teeth. This situation calls for facial reconstruction to restore the appearance and function of your jaw, face, and oral cavity. Before performing any facial reconstruction surgery, we check the extent of injuries that you are suffering. In some cases, only one surgery may reconstruct your face. But in other cases, we may have to perform multiple surgeries. We will administer general anesthesia and keep you under observation after the surgery. 

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