Restorative Dentistry in Pleasanton CA

Restorative dentistry is the process of replacing damaged or missing teeth. The main aim is to restore your natural smile, improve teeth function, and keep your mouth healthy.

Restorative Dentistry Procedures

Dental procedures that are considered restorative dentistry include: 

Root Canal

A root canal procedure is crucial where a cavity has penetrated deep enough in the tooth to expose the soft pulp within the tooth. When undergoing a root canal, dentists clean out all the soft pulp within the tooth as well as the root canal, wash out the infection, and fill in the cavity using a composite material. 


When a tooth gets damaged due to extreme decay, cracks, or chipping, it may be strengthened by a crown or cap. The dentist removes a thin layer of enamel from the top of the tooth and places the crown over it, which works just like a natural tooth.

Dental Fillings

When bacteria penetrate the tooth enamel, they create gaps or cavities, which must be filled to ensure the inner pulp's protection. While filling a cavity, dentists remove the damaged portion of the tooth and then fill it with composite material identical to the color of your tooth. 


It is a prosthetic tooth made of artificial material, which is suspended by two crowns. The bridge is held in place with crowns over existing teeth on the opposite end of the bridge or with dental implants. 

Dental Implant

If your tooth is missing or requires extraction due to extreme decay or damage, it is possible to replace it with the help of a dental implant. The implant's root is made of titanium, which binds to the jawbone, forming a solid hold. The root is surgically inserted into the jaw, and the crown is bonded onto it. The implant appears and operates just like a natural tooth and is considered the best option for replacing teeth. 


Dentures are the best alternative to replace multiple teeth when you don't have healthy teeth to function correctly. It comprises a complete set of artificial teeth that are attached to the gums using dental adhesives.

Tips to Take Care of Restorative Dental Work

  • Cleanse your teeth thoroughly at least twice every day.
  • Avoid chewing on sticky or hard foods. 
  • Make sure to floss your teeth, crowns, dental implants, and bridges daily.
  • Use antibacterial mouthwash to fight the plaque bacteria present around restorative work.

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