Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Pleasanton CA

Wisdom teeth are the third molars resting at the very back of your mouth. If your wisdom teeth are healthy, positioned correctly, and grown in completely, you may not need their removal. But do you know how often these teeth do not grow properly?

The improper eruption of wisdom teeth at various angles of your jaw can create problems.

  • Sometimes, your wisdom teeth remain hidden within your gums, and if they do not emerge normally, they become impacted within your jaw. It may lead to infection and also the formation of a cyst.
  • Wisdom teeth emerge partially through your gums and become a breeding ground for the bacteria that leads to oral infection, gum disease, and many other problems.
  • In some cases, your wisdom teeth start crowding the nearby teeth, thus leading to problems like damaging the nearby teeth, bite problems, and others.

In the above-listed cases, we would recommend wisdom teeth extraction.

What Happens During the Procedure?

When you visit our clinic for wisdom teeth removal, we will examine your mouth and also take an X-ray. After this, we will perform the surgery.

  • You will receive sedation in the form of nitrous oxide or any other to help you feel relaxed throughout the procedure. After sedating you, we will numb your wisdom teeth and surrounding area using a local anesthetic.
  • We will remove the gum tissue covering the area of your wisdom teeth.
  • If your teeth are impacted, they could be covered with a bone, either fully or partially. We will use a high-speed handpiece and remove the bone covering your teeth.
  • After the impacted teeth become visible, we use surgical instruments to loosen them from the connective tissue in your teeth’ socket.
  • Once your teeth are loose, we remove them using a surgical instrument designed to remove the teeth from their roots fully.
  • Your wisdom teeth are now Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Pleasanton CAed, and we will use stitches to close the area.

What is the After-Care?

You may experience a little pain, swelling, and discomfort after your wisdom teeth removal surgery. We will prescribe some over-the-counter medications to relieve the pain and discomfort, and you can address the swelling with an ice pack. Do not eat hard foods for a few days after the surgery. Do not smoke or consume alcohol as they may interrupt the recovery process. Visit us if you experience any discomfort. Expect to heal completely within 2-3 days of the surgery.

Please reach out to our dental practice in Pleasanton, CA, to have a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Dogra. Please call us at (925) 600-9006 or schedule an online consultation, and we’ll guide you further.


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